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The Resilient Child

Seven Essential Lessons for Your Child’s Happiness and Success
George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, with Sloane Brown

Publication Date: October 2008
Price: $14.95
ISBN 13: 978-0-9793564-6-9
Trade Paperback: 176 pages
Size: 6 x 9 inches

Includes Checklists, Charts, Resources Parenting, Self-help

The basic premise of this book is a simple one…that stress management is a health-promoting skill for life that should be taught to children and teenagers as soon as they are capable of understanding the concepts. Most parents want their children to be happy and to do well in life. Resiliency may be the single most important factor that predicts both happiness and success!

For years, Dr. Everly’s clinical practice has focused on helping adults recover from the physical and mental illnesses caused by excessive stress. This book grew out of the realization that they would never have needed this treatment if they had been taught to better manage stress early in life. Rather than teaching stress reduction techniques, it teaches the basic principles upon which a stress-resilient life may be built, based on the recognition that:

  • The ability to resist excessive stress and rebound from adversity is based less on “techniques” and more on an underlying strength of character.
  • Strength of character as it applied in this book is resiliency, and it can be taught.
  • The book contain the core seven principles or “lessons to be learned” that constitute foundational resiliency in such a way that parents can teach these principles to their children.

The collective wisdom in this simple book should not simply be recommended reading for all parents, it should be essential reading for all parents and teachers of children and young adults.


Introduction and Some Initial Thoughts on Being a “Successful” Parent. Lesson #1: Recognize the Value of Friendship and the Support of Others ; Lesson #2: Making the Three Most Difficult Decisions Of A Lifetime; Lesson #3: Teach Your Children to Take Responsibility for Their Actions; Lesson #4: Making the Most Important Investment of a Lifetime: Invest in Your Health; Lesson #5: Learn the Power Of Optimism; Lesson #6: Learn the Importance Of Faith; Lesson #7: Teach Your Child To Follow A Moral Compass… Integrity. Epilogue


George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, is one of the “founding fathers” of modern resiliency and stress management. In his role as a mental health advisor in the wake of mass disasters such as the Oklahoma City bombing, Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Katrina, the devastation of Kuwait after the Iraqi invasion, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and SARS, he has gained a unique perspective on how human beings react in highly stressful situations. He has now applied this expertise to the development of resiliency in children so that they will better be able to deal with life’s adversities.

Dr. Everly currently serves on the faculties of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health Preparedness, The Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Loyola College in Maryland.

Sloane Brown has been in the media for 30 years, as a disc jockey, news announcer, and news director in radio; and a daily news reporter, news anchor, and arts reporter/critic in television. Since 1999, Sloane has been the society/party reporter for The Baltimore Sun. Married to clinical psychologist Dr. Steve Sobelman for 23 years, she’s become an expert in deciphering “psychology-speak” into layman’s terms, and is delighted to use those skills in helping Dr. Everly transition from the lectern to the living room.

Praise for The Resilient Child…

Before you read this book get some tissues and a place where you can read undisturbed and can laugh out loud without embarrassing yourself. Then get ready for a wonderful book about life and life lessons. Everly gives you some wonderful ideas on what to teach your children so they can be strong, happy and successful. He tells you stories about clients, his kids, and his experiences that lead to him coming up with seven simple lessons to teach your children, he outlines each lesson and the reason behind them.

I found some to be a no brainer and others to be enlightened. All of them are inspiring. The ones I find to be no brainers I realize that they are not to everyone and I am sure the ones that were enlightening to me may be no brainers to others. Such as teaching your children that the glass is half full and not half empty. This simple belief has gotten me through so many bad moments in my life. It keeps my head above water in the worst of storms. I have passed this on to my sons and have always believed this to be a “no brainer” in having a good life. However, I realize there are many that have not been taught this. One of my sons even married a beautiful woman that was not taught this. Her perception on situations and life in general makes everything hard for her. If only her parents had read this simple little book maybe she would be a happier person.

I will read this book over and over again for support, encouragement and to make sure I am still on track to giving all my kids, students, and grandkids an advantage to happiness and success in their lives. This is one of those books you will pass on to your children and your children’s children. I am already trying to get my daughter-in-law to read it.” — Amazon *****

…How wonderful would it be if each one of us had the ability to teach our children, at the very youngest age, a way to reduce stress and deal with everyday problems and even those bigger than big problems, without having stress take over their lives? Well, George S. Everly, Jr., Ph.D. has developed just the technique that every single person can use in their lives, to do just that. Even those without children, or grown children, can benefit from his wonderful book, The Resilient Child.

The Resilient Child is presented in a fun and interesting way, with a bit of humor thrown in. Though a fairly short book, it packs a ton of great and useful information within its pages, information that one can come back to again and again.

In the beginning, Dr. Everly, Jr. expresses the fact that this book is written as a gift to his children. The gift of resiliency that they can take with them anywhere, throughout their entire lives. It is not necessarily the book itself that is the gift, but the true treasure of lessons that it holds between its covers. Now, through The Resilient Child, Dr. Everly, Jr. is kind enough to bestow this gift to all of us and what a true gift it is.” — Amazon *****

I want my children to grow up to be the best adults they can be in every way. But I had not thought very much about the importance of being resilient. The author makes sure we know what he means from the very beginning of the book. “Resiliency is the acquired immunity against disabling stress.” My mama-radar went up at the mention of “disabling stress.” Stress is everywhere and we all have to learn to deal with it in a positive way or it will get the better of us.

…Everly speaks of inner strength that must be taught so that children can make their way through our sometimes scary world. His goal is for our children to not need their parents or anyone else in stressful situations. They should be able to take responsibility for their own actions. Both parents and all adults involved in raising a child should read this and discuss it before attempting to implement it. The success rate will go way up if there is a common understanding and goal.

…Honestly, most of what the author shares in The Resilient Child is advice we’ve heard before. But this time it is in a concise package ready to read and implement, which is the only way improvement will ever happen. And let’s face it, we only have so many years to make a positive impact on our children and then they are in the world of their peers, subject to all that they have to offer, both good and bad.” — Amazon ****

…The most important and compelling information this book provides, is what it calls the seven essential lessons that every person should learn…In a simple, clear and concise manner, this book explains to parents who feel that they are floundering without a manual to raise this little person, that very guide. In a non-judgmental way it suggests how to implement these lessons and make them a part of life…

This is going to be on my list of favorite things to give new parents. I will be sure to tell them that these are the instructions that should have been included at birth” — Amazon ****

…should be given to all parents as a guidebook. The lessons are simple, to the point, and carry a powerful message. Their value applies to every family, and every age. It cannot be too early, nor too late, to develop these skills and lead by example. Our nation will be better able to cope with our increasing stress if we can conscientiously instill these simple values in our families… An excellent addition to any family library (be sure to READ it) and one worthy of sharing with others.” — Amazon ****

“…a wonderfully basic book on raising a well adjusted and resilient child. I agree with the author’s premise that there are a lot of people who just cannot bounce back from normal life circumstances. I wondered about this myself and was glad to find a book that addresses this issue and gives practical advice you can use to help your own children through life…I thought the homework boxes scattered throughout the book with practical applications were a nice touch. I will be rereading this book as my children grow older.” — Amazon ****

“…gives parents and caregivers a blueprint of how to rear a child who is more aware and able to better handle the many adversities of life…Throughout the book are “homework” sections that sometimes give examples or “what if” situations that the adult and child can discuss together…you may find yourself becoming a better and more complete person as you strive to teach your children how to live a life with less stress and grow to become positive individuals who happily reach their full potential…”
— Amazon ****