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We welcome the opportunity to review your material and consider your work for publication. Submissions will not be returned, so please do not send material that cannot be replaced, especially artwork. The evaluation process may take from four to six weeks.

Please submit the following information with your proposal, which may be sent by mail or e-mail.

  • Full contact information, including your name, mailing address, phone, fax, and e-mail.
  • Prospectus. This should be a two- to three-page overview of your book that includes information about its content and focus, the intended audience, and your view of what makes your book better than existing books on the same or similar topics. If your book deals with a specific medical issue, please provide demographic information such as how many people are affected by the condition. Does your book appeal to organizations or to other non-bookstore audiences?
  • Table of Contents. This should be an annotated outline that includes enough information to show the scope and organization of your book.
  • Preface and/or Forward
  • One to Three Sample Chapters. These will allow us to objectively assess your writing as well as to obtain sufficient information about the level and focus of the manuscript. Please do not submit your entire manuscript.
  • A list of any photographs, illustrations, tables, charts, and/or other similar material that will be included with the book.
  • What is your competition? Please include information about at least two other books that compete with yours, noting the title, author, date of publication, and publisher. Give us specific details about how your book is different from them and what features make your book a better choice for a potential reader.
  • Your Resume or Curriculum Vitae, including information about previous publications in the same area and/or at the same level as your book submission.

Please submit your proposals to:

DiaMedica Publications
c/o Lisa Newfield and Preston Demouchet
McCarthy Fingar LLP
11 Martine Avenue, 12th Floor
White Plains, NY 10606-1934