Essential Resources on Health and Wellness from DiaMedica Publications

Media Kit Downloads

Beer Media Kit Media RoomCancer Clinical Trials
A Commonsense
Guideto Experimental
CancerTherapies and
Clinical Trials

by Tom Beer, M.D., and
Larry Axmaker, Ed.D.


Klapow Media Kit Media RoomLiving SMART
Five Essential Skills
To Change Your Health
Habits Forever

by Joshua C. Klapow,
Ph.D., and
Sheri D. Pruitt, Ph.D.


Cooper Media Kit Media RoomThe Arthritis Handbook
Improve Your Health
and Manage The Pain
of Osteoarthritis

by Grant Cooper, M.D.


Everly Media Kit Media RoomThe Resilient Child
Seven Essential Lessons
for Your Child’s Happiness
and Success

by George S. Everly,
Jr., PhD