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Marketing and Publicity for Your Book

As a small independent publisher, DiaMedica is able to work with each of our authors to ensure that their books benefits from optimal publicity and marketing. You as the author have an essential role to play in the promotion of your book. This begins from the earliest period of manuscript development, and carries through the publication process and beyond.Our distributor to the book trade, Publishers Group West, their team of sales representatives, and our marketing and publicity team will all be involved in making sure that your book receives the visibility it deserves. As part of this effort, your book will be promoted to bookstores – both online and “brick and mortar,” libraries, individuals, and organizations whose focus is related to the topic of the book. We will send media kits to television and radio producers, newspaper and magazine writers, and professional journals, and will work with you to identify both individuals and organizations that will be interested in your book.

Before your manuscript is complete, you will receive an Author’s Questionnaire from our marketing department. The information that you provide us will be the basis for the development of our overall marketing plan, which will become the guide to all aspects of marketing and publicity as the book moves through the publication process and into bookstores and libraries.

One of the key areas in which your input will be critical will be to help us obtain endorsements for the book. These endorsements will be used on the back cover of the book, and as part of the media kit. Even before your manuscript is complete, we will want to identify individuals – both well known individuals who may or may not be actively involved in the area of the subject matter of your book, or experts with recognizable credentials.

We’ll also want you to keep us informed about your travel schedule. We can arrange book signings at local bookstores in conjunction with your travel, whether for work or pleasure. Professional conferences are also a great opportunity to schedule workshops or lectures around the topic of your book. We can arrange book signings at meetings where DiaMedica is exhibiting, and/or can provide flyers to be distributed by you and/or in the registration packets for your meeting.

From before your manuscript is completed, throughout the publishing process, and beyond, we look forward to working with you.