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Manuscript Preparation and Submission Guidelines

Please follow these basic guidelines in preparing your manuscript to ensure that there is a smooth transition from manuscript to printed book.Type your manuscript double-spaced throughout, preferably in Microsoft Word. Please do not use the formatting features of your word processing program, as this will interfere with the process used in typesetting.

Although you may develop the manuscript using separate chapter files, prepare a single file for the entire book before sending it to us. Number your manuscript pages consecutively in this single file.

Your margins should be at least 1” in each side to allow your developmental editor and copyeditor to make notes on the manuscript.

Keep formatting simple, but be sure that the various levels of heads within the text are clearly marked, and that you use them consistently throughout your manuscript.

Use this submissions checklist to be sure that your manuscript includes all of the necessary materials. It is especially important that you provide us with:

  • A copy of the final manuscript on CD that exactly matches the printed manuscript.
  • A Title Page that includes the names, degrees, and addresses of all authors, exactly as you want them to appear on the title page, the cover, and in all promotions and marketing materials.
  • A Table of Contents that includes all of the major heading sections for your chapters. The chapter titles and headings in the table of contents should match those in the text.
  • A Preface that is 1-4 pages in length and that provides an overall description of the purpose and focus of the book. This document, in addition to the table of contents, will give the potential reader the information he/she needs to decide whether to read your book.
  • A Foreword, if appropriate for your book, written by someone other than one of the authors, that discusses the topic of the book and how it fulfills its goals
  • Tables as appropriate, formatted to be readable and to provide summary information that the reader will find helpful. Number tables with both chapter and table number, e.g. Table 4.3. Indicate the optimal placement of tables within the text (Place Table 4.3 here, for example), but provide them on separate pages at the end of the chapter in which they are to appear.
  • Figures as appropriate, numbered in similar fashion to tables, and noting optimal placement within the text. Note the number on the back of each figure; provide legends as a list at the end of each chapter.
  • Both tables and figures should be provided electronically whenever possible.
    Signed permission requests for copyrighted information; please use the form included below, or reproduce it on your letterhead if you prefer.

Download the Preparation and Submission Guideline